About Talc Tolchin

I have been teaching piano/keyboard and music theory for over 35 years.

The sheer volume of students I’ve taught and man hours I’ve put in has taught me a lot about human nature, about myself, and about what works and what doesn't.

I know I need to project enthusiasm on my end to motivate students, and at the same time I am only part of the equation in how a student progresses as a musician.

People have varying degrees of musical intelligence and everyone is responsible for what they achieve in life. I am not attached to how fast you grow, but I expect you to try hard, and I push as hard as I can to encourage you to be your best.


Some Qualities of Talc's Teaching Style

I am a facilitator, a coach, a trainer, sometimes a parent, sometimes a therapist. I am incredibly patient. I taught handicapped children for a year after I graduated college. I can go as slow as you need. I can go as fast as you can absorb information and physically execute the notes.

I've taught some highly talented students, and some very challenged ones. I now have a six year old and an amazing physician in her eighties. Obviously I have to adapt to each individual’s needs and abilities.

I realize almost everyone has issues with self discipline and commitment. People have busy lives. Adults consider their need to earn money and family commitments more important than their artistic development. Showing up once a week for a lesson and occasionally practicing during the week is sometimes a lot to do. I work with this issue and remind students of their goals and what it takes for them to achieve them and that feeding their soul is worth their attention as well.


Listen to Some of Talc's Music

One of the most unique aspects of my teaching method is that I offer students the opportunity to choose their own material whenever possible. This requires me to learn their songs and tailor the lessons to each individual. I have a good ear, and know the theory that supports that skill. Students are therefore more highly motivated to learn new material. I'm always changing with the times and it keeps me fresh and current. It is usually the keyboardist in a band who needs to figure out tunes and write out the charts, and it's a skill I pass on to students. Once someone has the ability to hear and figure out chords, melodies, rhythms, all the recorded music out there is a source for learning and inspiration.

I also work with synth technique, multi-track recording, sequencing, and drum programming. I love jazz and improvisation is key to that art form. My other love is song writing, which I encourage once the skills are there. Going into the unknown and creating something is a skill that can be developed.

I am not the only teacher out there doing all this. But for me, the personal connection and communication is primary. I consider that more important than the information that needs to be imparted.”