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New piano students who are motivated enough to learn on their own will gain much information from the series of lessons taught by Talc Tolchin. Tolchin bases his instruction techniques on a hands-on approach, and assumes the student has no prior knowledge of music. Ideal for the adult student who is just starting, or one who wishes to polish up half-forgotten skills, the programs provide fundamentals without resorting to rote lessons. Learning the Essentials of Piano with Talc Tolchin, Vol. 2: Beginner continues with ear training, as well as augmented, suspended, and diminished chords.

~ Alice Day, All Movie Guide


Student Testimonials

"These are the greatest music education videos I've ever come across. I'm totally delighted. I was able to pick up everything almost instantaneously."
- Dr. Michael Silverberg, HI

"Never have I seen such a teaching format so to the point and precise."
- Ed Flores, Washington, D.C.

"Unlike the theory and technical jargon that I received in formal classes, the video tapes get right down to bare bones of playing."
- Charles Roseboro, Walkertown, NC

"Your very personable and sensitive approach...is making a great difference to my digital dexterity - just what I have needed - you have done one great job!"
- Dr. C. Hock, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"A relaxing way to learn...easy to follow and well-organized."
- Lynn Voorhees, Prattsville, NY

"Being able to watch finger technique makes it much easier than just listening to tape. I tried other ear training tapes, but your video has helped me more than any other."
- S. Williams, London, KY

"I like the illusion of one-to-one relationship... I can make errors while learning without feeling self-conscious... video instructor has infinite patience."
-Larry Thorton, Alberta, Canada

"I prefer it to going to a teacher. You can go to it over and over and the speed is just right."
- R. Russell, San Diego, CA

"I'm very pleased - REAL teaching without all the fancy fast stuff a beginner can't get!"
- K. Ross, San Diego, CA



DVD Reviews

"Once in a while, a teacher comes along who shows how basic can be beautiful. Talc Tolchin is such a teacher. In each of his three videotapes for beginning keyboard players, he administers the necessary dose of theory, but only as a means to a musical end... Recommended viewing for aspiring players."
-Keyboard Magazine

"Clear and useful for serious beginners... Highly recommended."
-Billboard Magazine

"Tolchin's descriptive examples of chords, keys, and basic musical structures translates well onto any instrument. If this tape meets with the wide success that it richly deserves, he may become the most familiar piano instructor in the country. 4 stars"
-Video Review Magazine

"The aspiring musician who is willing to really work with this video lesson has the opportunity to emerge with a very good foundation in playing keyboard, and in many principles of music in general."
- Video Choice

"A common sense approach is stressed that beckons students to proceed at their own pace, repeating and mastering each element...Not an instant success delusion, it gives realistic expectations for the time invested. Recommended for general/young peoples' collections."
- Library Journal

"Tolchin's philosophy seems to hold water; as we learn to read after we learn to speak, we can also learn to play before alacrity with written notes."
- Educational and Instructional TV

"Recommended for public library collections and adult piano classes with serious and motivated clientele."
- Librarians Video Review  

"Ideal for adults who want to take up the piano or return to the bench, but who do not want the formalized instruction they remember from childhood lessons."
- Baker and Taylor

  "Designed for beginners who want to play keyboards quickly by ear."